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We get it.

We all have one. That friend that seems to always be connecting some new technology gadget at their home. That's us. We're that friend. We are technologists, but equally we are homeowners, parents, neighbours, and children. We spent years focusing our technology discipline for businesses during work hours and troubleshooting our household tech / kids' electronics / parents' WiFi on the weekends. Since when did the future of technology require all of us to spend our Saturday afternoons deciphering the interoperability of home electronics? 


There's a better way.


We approach households from a technology perspective. We believe home automation technologies should make your life easier, not harder. We believe a home should be ready - future proofed - for the advent of new technologies, not a collection of ad hoc gadgets that don't work together. Most importantly, we think weekends are for weekending. Let us help you get them back. 

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