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A smart home is an automated home that is personalized to complement the homeowner’s lifestyle choices. A construction or renovation project is the optimal time to lay the foundation for a smart home. In today’s connected world, technology integration is no longer a luxury but an integral part of the structure of a home. At LinkCasa, we work with your team to futureproof homes ensuring that your customers are properly wired and ready to connect.


LinkCasa customizes packages to match the builder’s project and offers a variety of installations for the homebuyer to choose from. From entry level basics that can be scaled up over time to fully customized and smart lifestyle integrations, we have a solution for all. Our process includes:


Planning at the blueprint stage

Creating a Foundation

Understanding technology with a view to the future, maximizing performance

System Selection

Ensuring interoperability across all smart components, centralizing control with a simple to use interface


From speakers to blinds, regardless of taste or budget, there is product available to meet the most discerning needs

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