Home Networks

All networks are not created equal. The fibre that reaches your door is useless if the gateway into your home is too small or if the wifi channels are littered with gadgets that impair the connectivity of the devices that are most important to you. All corners of your living space, both indoors and out, must have uninterrupted access to your home’s network to create the desired living environment.
The network is the heart of home connectivity and building a solid infrastructure is the key to high performing home automation, regardless of the peripherals used. From basic tasks such as sending an email to band-width heavy video streaming, creating a reliable network with internet access that can handle all your home’s needs today and in the future is imperative.
The tag along to a solid network is management and security. Network hardware is never simply plug and play – from physical placement to data back up to back up power -  paying attention to the details during set up ensures that future downtime is averted. Once the ideal setup has been created, like the rest of your home, your network needs on-going care and attention so not to compromise performance and integrity.  A secure network optimizes up-time and protects from online intruders. Security from the inside can’t be forgotten – guests shouldn’t have access to your latest credit card bills and parental controls need to be in place, to protect those you care about.
Networking and wiring for home automation is a dynamic art and is best done looking forward. Knowing when to take advantage of opportunities to hard use wired solutions and when to take advantage of alternative low-power digital protocols to lighten the load on a network and free up bandwidth for what’s important.

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