The costs of owning a home have never been higher in Canada.

Not just in material costs, but mental costs in particular.

We live in a new, stressful era of home ownership

The increased stresses of owning a home in the 21st century is having a profound effect on the satisfaction of homeowners with their purchases.

With rising house prices and insurance premiums, the unfortunate reality is that many homeowners have a lot on their minds.


of homeowners have reported noticeable anxiety related to their homes.


Taking charge

Many homeowners feel that there isn't much they can do to reduce this anxiety. House prices and mortgage payments are difficult to change.


But a group of owners exists who have decided to take action to reduce anxiety in their living space wherever possible. They know that home should be a source of comfort and happiness, not stress.

This group has taken action on the things in their home that they can control.

Action vs. inaction

This group optimizes their home to fit the life they want to live. Homeownership provides them with a comfortable oasis for loved ones that provides a much-needed respite from the pressures of modern life.

Their stress at home is reduced, giving them the mental energy to focus on the things in life they enjoy.

On the other side are the owners who don't take action and feel like they lack control over their house.


Home ownership for this group is a source of frustration, not a source of happiness. You don't want to be in this group.


Life of luxury

So what would a Saturday morning look like if you were part of the action group?

Delicate rays of sunshine, the smell of fresh coffee and warm air beckon you out of bed. Getting out of bed is inviting, rather than jarring.


The temperature and ambiance are perfect; coffee is brewing; your favourite talk show is on the TV and the stove is already ready to prepare breakfast. All of this was done before you even put a foot on the floor. It's as if your butler has been awaiting your arrival.

Your day starts off in a delightful way that isn't rushed, with time to eat breakfast with your family and talk about the day ahead.

But the most incredible thing is, this is now every morning for you. And you don't actually have a butler.


Live in the moment

Consider as well what travel looks like to this group. You've just driven to your relatives to spend the holidays. Getting a car-full of kids ready was hectic, but you're glad to have arrived.

Suddenly a wave of panic hits. Did you leave the stove on at home? Is the heat on so the pipes don't freeze? Is the front door locked? Did you set the light timers so nobody breaks in?

But just as quickly, the panic disappears. You're 100% confident that everything is fine. And incredibly, you don't think about home for the rest of the holidays, returning to a home that is safe and sound.

Bring on the eggnog.


Introducing LinkCasa

With LinkCasa, you're part of the group of homeowners taking action. This life of luxury and living in the moment is now yours.

Using cutting-edge Nest home automation technology, you'll gain the superpower of being able to control every aspect of your home, exactly how you want it. At any time and from anywhere.

Command your home in the same way that people in science fiction movies can, leaving you the energy to live your life in comfort and peace.


This is the year 2045, only now.


Ultimate comfort

Never worry about comfort again. That means no more waking up to a cold house in the morning, or worrying about pipes freezing when you're away. 


A Nest thermostat learns your habits, preferences and schedule, so your home is always the right temperature at the right time. And it's all controllable from your smart phone.

Best of all, it can reduce your heating and cooling costs. You're saving money in comfort.

Stress simply melts away.


Always on guard

Be at home, even when you aren't at home.

Nest Cam lets you monitor your home from your smartphone. No more worrying about break-ins, strangers at the door, packages stolen from the doorstep or rogue babysitters.

Pairing them with smart CO detectors for early fire detection achieves the ultimate peace of mind for nervous homeowners.

Even your anxiety at work or on vacation vanishes. Now you can truly live in the moment.


Safeguard your stuff

This is but one example of Nest home automation safeguarding the precious home of a happy customer.

Home is where the heart is, and your heart is protected with Nest smart technology from LinkCasa.

"I can say with 100% confidence, that if it wasn’t for Nest, everything I owned would have become the property of someone else. My only regret is not having more cameras."

- Brad, United States

Join the movement

Millions of homeowners have already made the decision to cut home anxiety from their lives using Nest home automation.

They're enjoying more comfortable and secure homes, lower monthly bills, and superior satisfaction from their living space.

Most importantly, they've seen their home-related stress disappear.

This sounds like a pretty satisfied group. It's time to join them and give yourself a less stressful life.


Nest devices sold


Hassle-free setup

We'll even take away any stress about setting up your new home automation system. 

Installation is completely free. Simply choose what parts of your home you would like Nest to improve, and we'll do the rest.

Want to give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season? You can even purchase a system for a loved one, and we'll install it at their home.


It's the gift that keeps on giving.