Make Your Home a Getaway

Our user-centred approach blends design, usability and function into every solution.

Intelligent Lighting

Whether you are looking to connect a room or entire home, well designed intelligent lighting is simple to manage and subtly integrates with your lifestyle, complementing your décor and influencing your mood.


Lighting is more than a fixture – and when you add intelligence it dynamically changes the ambiance of your home.

Home Entertainment

Deliverying big sound and sharp visuals throughout the home - simple and uncluttered.


Smart home entertainment creates whole home scenarios or room by room programs that will please all palettes, regardless of age or interests. Throw in dedicated home theatres or gaming rooms that start up with the push of a button and you are off the charts in entertainment value.

Home Networks

Networking and wiring for home automation is a dynamic art and is best done looking forward.


Knowing when to take advantage of opportunities to hard use wired solutions and when to take advantage of alternative low-power digital protocols to lighten the load on a network and free up bandwidth for what’s important.


Let home automation secure your home and keep you connected from anywhere.


Linking security with your smart home gives you flexibility to respond to your changing circumstances in a simple and intuitive way and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are secure.

Climate Control

Maximize the power of climate control - link it to home automation.

The marketplace has technology that will regulate temperature with great precision and allows you to run programs based on the time of day to maximize comfort and security.

Shade Control

Installing window coverings that are automated and part of your centralized control enables you to easily control when and how much sunlight can get through at any given time.

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