Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the design of your home, both inside and out. While lights set the mood and enhance your décor, they also play a very practical role in your day to day living. The lighting needs change room by room, hour by hour. Lights brighten workspaces, lead you down hallways and play an important role in securing your home. In a smart home, lights are no longer individual fixtures. Instead, your lighting is inter-connected and designed to automatically respond to your lifestyle, triggered by timing or events, all done in anticipation of your needs.


The power of intelligent lighting extends beyond the on/off switch. Events such as arriving home and opening the garage door can cause the lights to turn on, creating a warm and inviting home for you to enter. Leave a room and the lights switch off, saving you money on your energy bill. Create the appearance of being at home with programmed lighting sequences that deter intruders. Other personalized programs allow you to create scenarios which can be timed or triggered by the touch of a button or voice command. Shut down all the lights at “Bedtime” or light up the backyard when it’s “Hot Tub Time” – the control is yours.


Whether you are looking to connect a room or entire home, well designed intelligent lighting is simple to manage and subtly integrates with your lifestyle, complementing your décor and influencing your mood.


Lighting is more than a fixture – and when you add intelligence it dynamically changes the ambiance of your home.

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