In a world of uncertainty, security is one of the highest priorities for homeowners. Home security starts with prevention. Building security features into your smart home is an effective yet simple solution that puts the prevention and detection of threats at your fingertips. Should an unfortunate event occur, you are able to respond quickly, getting the right resources on the scene.
Creating a home that appears occupied is the first step in deterring intruders.  With a connected smart home, you set programs with lights, sound and window coverings that simulate occupancy, rotating through scenarios that appear real. Closing and locking doors is another obvious but easily forgotten preventive measure. Automating “bedtime” lock down ensure that garage doors are closed and all entry points are locked with the simple push of a button.
Once your home has been secured, smart home monitoring technology allows you to see what is going on, regardless of where you are. You have access to live views of your home and receive alerts when there is an event. The evolution of security camera technology allows you to answer your doorbell, check who has pulled into the drive and see who is leaving out the backdoor from a phone or tablet. Indoors or out, regardless of the time of day, high quality video captures these events and allows you to respond quickly. The video can be saved for future reference.
Motion sensors can be an effective safety tool used to turn on lights when a person enters the room – no more tripping over shoes when entering a dark room, searching for a light switch.  Sensors are also integral to monitoring. When fire and carbon monoxide detectors are triggered, quick response is imperative. Being able to alert first responders when you are not home can help avoid tragedy. Sensors can also be programed to switch on outside lights or trigger sirens, all indictors that there has been an incident.
Don’t forget about floods or freezing. Both can result in significant property damage. Real time alerts allow for a quick response which reduces the impact and loss of property.
Linking security with your smart home gives you flexibility to respond to your changing circumstances in a simple and intuitive way and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are secure.

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