Shade Control

Your window coverings are an integral part of the design and style of your home. Not only do they add colour and contrast, but they also control the level of natural light that enters a room. As you automate your home the benefit of integrating shade control is undeniable.
Automating shade control also complements home security. On vacation? Bring the shades down and turn on the lights to appear like you have arrived home for the evening. Automatically raise them the next morning like you would every other day.
Trying to maintain efficiency? Synchronize your shades with your heating and cooling programs. Raise and lower the shades to either benefit from or block the sun. Prolonged sunlight can damage and discolour floors so being able to block the sun at peak times during the day can preserve the quality of your home.
Large feature windows designed to maximize natural light can also be an annoyance when the sun hits a certain spot during the day. Installing window coverings that are automated and part of your centralized control enables you to easily control when and how much sunlight can get through at any given time.

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